Frequently Asked Questions

What is #startup604?

It is a community created to connect people in Vancouver who are entrepreneurs or work in startups together. You can participate by joining our growing Slack channel or having a conversation in our Wantoo board.


Can I join #startup604?

Any who fits the criteria of #startup604 and is in Vancouver or has projects in Vancouver is welcome to apply to join the group. You can apply here to join.


Why do you have an application process?

We are doing our best to keep the quality of content and interactions as high as possible. In order for us to do that we have to make sure the people joining #startup604 are qualified to contribute.


What makes someone a good fit for #startup604?

Any number of the following:

  • You are currently active in the startup community
  • You are building your own startup
  • You are currently employed by a local startup
  • You are an entrepreneur working on a project
  • You are an expert in a field that is valuable to  startups
  • You can provide services to startups
  • You live/work in Vancouver (required)